“I was not prepared for my emotions when entering Empty Nest, but soon became aware that many women were experiencing similar emotions wrapped around the painful letting-go of our children. I started reading books and articles written to help parents deal with the reality of their children leaving home. I decided that I wanted to do something to help other moms move more easily through this time, and possibly that could be accomplished by sharing my experience. So my writing goal was to publish an easy-to-read book for empty nest moms to share emotions I was feeling, and in so doing, to hopefully address emotions they might be feeling too.”

-Anne Meckstroth Menter

Empty Nest: One Mother’s Journey is an artfully colorful inspirational book of original poems, personal journal excerpts, and quotes of wisdom from authors of parenting and self-help books. It was written to help mothers move through the emotional challenges of Empty Nest, but it is not a “to-do” advice book. Rather, it is the story of one mother’s personal journey, and is unique in that it allows readers to create their own interpretation and relate the book to their personal situation.

The 72-page book contains 37 poems and is organized into 5 sections that walk the reader through progressive stages of Empty Nest. It also provides helpful resources for further reading and exploration. The book is tied together with 22 paintings by Australian artist, Taz Phillips.
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